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Virtual Keynote Speaker

What It Is:


Filled with tactics and tools to make your day, your business and your life more productive, prosperous and profitable


My background is as a comedy entertainer, so can’t help but make my presentations humorous. And boy do you need a laugh now. Laughter helps release stress, it triggers those endorphins, the same ones runners get after a race but you don’t have to get all sweaty. I relieve tension and give the brain a break to process the information.


Just like my live presentations the participants become a part of the experience, especially important NOW because we all need that connection.


We’ll talk (a lot) before to zero-in on what’s keeping your group up at night, what their challenges are and how to help them get more done, increase productivity and use their time better…so they have MORE of it to do fun stuff…and work too.

What It Is NOT:


Hey I am an entertainer and I couldn’t be boring if I tried. You are going to be informed yes, but you’re also going to laugh, you’ll be touched emotionally with real world stories that are relevant to what I’m talking about, and you’ll be amazed. Amazed? You just wait and see.

Talking Head-

If you want facts and figures you can just Google them! That’s what most “talking head” speaker do; regurgitate what they’ve read, heard and learned without making it relevant to YOU. This is an ENERGY filled and FUN event.

Power Point Presentation/Webinar-

This isn’t just slides on a screen no this is a multi-camera, interactive experience.  It’s as close as you can get to being there in person.

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