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How Much Does A
Keynote Speaker Cost?

Beginner Speaker

Free to $1000

Typically, people who are just starting out and need “Stage Time” to practice their speech

Salespeople in the guise of a speaker. They are speaking to sell you their product

Usually not polished, professional, or worried about the clients’ needs

Part-Time Speaker

$2000 to $5000

Speaking isn’t their full-time profession but a “side-hustle” to bring in extra money

Will often speak on any topic you want because they have a lot of general knowledge

Typically, only present a few times a year & often are selling something

Professional Speaker

$7500 to $15,000

Has countless hours on stage from hundreds of speeches over many years in the business

Has testimonials from past clients, videos on amazing stages & knows their clients’ needs

Is not just informative & educational but funny & entertaining

Celebrity Speaker

$15,000 to $75,000

Famous from TV, Movies or Politics. A “big name” & helps bring people to your event

Have great stories from their industry & will be entertaining but not too informative

Usually, no customizing of their presentation to the client wants or needs

What Factors Into The Price Range?

Location of Event
Keynote or Keynote + Breakouts
Pre-Conference Webinar
Multiple Days
Post-Conference Q&A Session
How Much Is Fred's Kids College Tuition

(kidding, just seeing if you're paying attention!)

4 Key Parts For A Great Speech

Engaging & Motivating

Even if what the speaker is teaching is important and relevant, it will get completely lost on your attendees without some sort of engagement with them. 

If the content goes in one ear and out the other there will be NO motive for the audience to use what they should've learned and you might have well just shown a video of a speaker.

Actionable Take-Aways

Getting information at these conferences & meetings is like drinking from a fire-hose, so much is coming at them they don't know what to do with it.

A great Keynote will include not just great ideas & information but HOW you can use it and WHAT actions you can take to make a change in your life & business.

Customized & Caring

The speech doesn't have to be 100% customized, nor should it be. If it were brand-new it probably won't be polished or that good. But it should be focused on the attendees issues and worries.

A great was to show that YOU care about the attendees is by bringing in a speaker who sends out questionarres to the people attending beforehand to discover their obstacles and concerns.

Funny & Entertaining

Your brain can only process so much information at a time, so by being funny and entertaining your Keynote Speaker gives your mind a break to process and understand things.

Plus when you laugh it released endorphines, reduces stress and makes you happy! It also brings people together and helps foster networking and social interaction.

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