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"Time Hacks to Get Back Your Life"

A recent poll found the average person wastes over 12 hours
a week on things like:
social media, interruptions, email, and lack of focus.

 If you extrapolate it out, that's 624 hours a year, which is the equivalent of 26 DAYS lost/wasted!

In this segment Fred Moore will share with your audience 3 simple "Time Hacks" to help them get the most out of their day, get their "to-do's" turned into "tah-dones" and get some of that mythical "Free Time" we've all heard about.

As a professional Speaker & Magician Fred will use
some sleight-of-hand magic to emphasize the talking points and
help illustrate where are time goes when we're not looking.

As an expert in Productivity & Time Management he will not only entertain you but enable you to Do So Much More!

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