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TheM.A.G.I.C. Formula For Sanity, Success & Satisfaction

Stressed out, overworked, and buried in an endless list of “to dos” and you can’t seem to get ahead?Fred Moore will wake you up, get you engaged, and set you up for success as he shares the mindset corrections to relieve stress, action planning and how to get the most out of it, how to set goals that WILL get done, brainstorming techniques for tackling problems, and the magic of Focused Work Segments. This entertaining, fun and informative program will boost your energy and leave you with solid tools and a smile on your face!

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Laughs & Smiles

Key Takeaways From This Program:

Mindset Corrections

To help you relieve stress & anxiety plus lead a happier life…what a concept!

Action Planning

So that you can get things done faster and easier than you ever have before.


Setting yourself up for success with different motivators.

Goal Setting

How to set a goal that you will actually get done.

What Are The Results?

-You are inspired and motivated

-Less stress and a huge smile on your face

-Clear next steps to create your success

-A measured increase in the quality of your business and life

-You will never “Fail” again at anything you do

-You’ll be happier, calmer and a little more “sane”

Comparison Chart

Why Are You Still Reading This?

Seriously if you haven’t decided that either; 1. Fred Moore is the guy to rock your stage, make your participants sit up & take notice, and leave them with smiles on their faces, less stress and better off in their lives and business. Or;2. Fred Moore looks great but it’s not what we’re looking for.In either case contact Fred right now to either; book him or ask him to suggest someone who IS a fit for your needs. (yes, he’s that kind of guy)  or call: 407-438-5389