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How To Never Fail Again
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I feel there is no such thing as failure. Think about it. You try to do something, and it doesn't work. Well, that could be the definition of failure, but you tried to do something right? And you got a result. It's not the result that you wanted, but you got a result, and you can learn from this result.

Scientists know this, that is what scientists do. They fail all the time because they know. The more, they fail the closer they are getting to what they want, to getting this goal of theirs accomplished. Right?

If you fail, you are getting a result. Look at it this way; you fail, you get a result. It's not the result you wanted, but now you've learned something. You have learned how not to do that thing.

That way is not going to work. So, let's try something different. And if that doesn't work, what do you do? You try something different. And if that doesn't work, what do you do? You try something different. Do you get my point here?

We all know the phrase: “If at first you don't succeed. Try, try again.”

We teach our kids this, but do you do it yourself? As adults we've changed it a bit. If at first you don't succeed…Quit! I tried the diet. I didn't lose any weight today. So, I'm going to go to the donut shop.

No, that’s not how it goes. You try something and it doesn't work…don't worry about it. Learn from it. Figure out what went wrong? Why didn't this work the way I wanted it to, and then change your actions.

Try something different to get the result that you want. Don’t try the same actions over and over again if they aren’t getting the results you want.

Some people will do this to justify to themselves: “Well hey, I tried didn’t I? It’s just not working and now I can quit!”

When you adapt this mind-set of “there is no failure, only results” you won’t get discouraged, you won’t have any excuses to stop and you WILL get to your goal. You will; try, try again.

Fred Moore is a Keynote Speaker and Entertainer with over 6,000 presentations and shows in 30 countries.

Taking all the experience of not just the stage time but the other more important part of show business..the Business, Fred shares the tools, techniques and mindset he's used to make him successful.

Fred creates one-of-a-kind experiences by customizing, using improvisational skills and going the extra mile to make YOU look good.

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